The Boss Behind the Bird - About the founder Michelle Wilson-Stimson

Michelle Wilson-Stimson is an award-winning ‘fempreneur’, a busy mum of 3, a wife, a boss to a team of staff, a photographer, a part-time model, a writer, an influencer and the founder and managing director of 2 limited companies, Eparaplan and Boss Bird.

To go with all that busy stuff, Michelle is also a hair loss sufferer and has had alopecia for the last few years. Michelle also has Endometriosis which she has suffered from since age 16, as well as several other autoimmune deficiencies causing her daily pain - but she does not let any of this stop her.

Boss Bird founder Michelle Wilson-Stimson is a finalist in the National Business Women’s Awards 2020 in the coveted Influential Business Woman of the Year category.

Michelle would describe herself as a lady with her fingers in many pies.... and that she can't quite decide which tastes the best yet and so will keep developing both her current businesses and new ones until she does.

Michelle wanted to create a planner that helped her stay on track, kept her in the lines, kept her head above the water, and to basically get through each day successfully and efficiently, and Boss Bird was born!

Michelle has read many business books including ones that help her ‘Eat The Frog’ (Yep! Eat the Frog... Google it), influence people, manage people, prioritise, customise and to get that rise! She has read them all and from those books, she has developed a planner that takes the best bits of those guides and put them into one daily tear sheet, task lists and planner journals to help you function through multi-tasking.

Outside of work, Michelle enjoys skiing, spending time with her family and taking photographs which, although once was a full-time role, is now very much dedicated to capturing her own life events, however - she does have an application form on her photography website for special client requests for weddings and other family photography. Michelle’s other business, Eparaplan provides financial services admin, legal, paraplanning, compliant support and coaching to the Financial Advice Industry.

Boss Bird designs unique desk planners, inspirational to-do lists and daily and weekly diary planners which are designed to help women in business or working mums plan and control their lives whilst ensuring wellbeing and good health.

Michelle’s career is split between a creative nature including professional photography and graphic design to that in the financial sector, being a Stockbroker and Financial Adviser. Although these are the 2 domineering industries she now works, she has also worked in hospitality in running public houses with an ex-partner, set up and run a model agency - whilst also modelling herself (something she still dabbles in now and then) and has worked in purchasing control and banking.

Her varied career has given her a huge set of experiences and skills in which she uses in her roles today.

Because of the business development books that she has read and her hindsight and forward- thinking, Michelle's leadership style is Laissez-Faire and transformational. She allows her Eparaplan team of near on 20 people to develop and grow within her business and be proactive members with full autonomy to control their position. She also works to grow them both personally and within the business and feels all employees, no matter their background, are capable of taking responsibility for their development with her support and becoming something far greater than the label they may give themselves.

She has a strong sense of family values and prides herself on her honesty and integrity. She states she can challenge some with her honest views but feels it helps prevent any confusion as to where one would stand with both clients and colleagues.

Michelle has been asked to write a number of articles and has been interviewed a great deal in order to pull some of her underlying knowledge and thoughts on certain subject matters. Recently, Michelle has been selected as one of just a handful of finalists in the prestigious National Business Women’s Awards 2020.

Michelle is a finalist in the coveted Influential Business Woman of the Year category.

“I am delighted to be a finalist in these incredible awards that recognise hard-working, innovative businesswomen who are leaders in their chosen sectors. It is an honour to be a finalist alongside some really influential women and I am looking forward to the awards ceremony already.” - Michelle

The Influential Business Woman category recognises those who are movers and shakers and are a leading force in their respective markets. Finalists also had to show a willingness to undertake new projects and show initiative. Other finalists include women from a wide selection of business areas including sport, HR, the rail industry and the beauty sector. Judges for the awards are all business owners and are experts in their chosen field.

“It has been such a challenging year so far so to have something like this to look forward to at the end of it makes it all worthwhile.” - Michelle

The National Business Women’s Awards ceremony takes place in Copthorne Tara Hotel in Kensington on Friday 20th November 2020.


There are various links you can read more on Michelle, or view her business empire to date, via the links below.

Includes articles from ‘National finals for influential Rutland business woman’ Press Release by Megan Allen at Rural Roots Media

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