The Kitsch Hen

Caroline began baking biscuits during a really tough time in her life during a second cycle of fertility treatment and Caroline found herself feeling really lost and alone. Throughout her journey, she made a couple of friends online who were going through the same challenge and wanted to send them something to let them know she was thinking about them... Flowers or a card didn’t feel quite right so she baked them some biscuits and stamped little messages of hope onto them and sent them through the post.

It sparked an idea... and The Kitsch Hen was born! 

Boxes of biscuits stamped with loving and personalised messages perfect for all kinds of gifting occasions. 

Fast forward five years and The Kitsch Hen is now a team of four, working hard to spread edible inspiration across the country and brighten peoples doormats.


Daisy Grove

Handmade in Stamford by sisters Emily & Anna, the concept of Daisy Grove came about through Emily’s love for yoga and aromatherapy and Anna’s interest in candle making


Born in October 2020, Daisy Grove blend high quality essential oils to make a range of natural products.

All products are vegan, cruelty free and sustainable packaging where possible. 

Emily & Anna are passionate about creating natural products with no nasty chemicals so you can rest assured that the scents you are breathing in are perfectly healthy.




Freckleface is a family run business between a husband and Wie, nephew and best friends that s tarted in 2017 as a hobby and has grown from there.

All Freckleface products are handmade, vegan and all ingredients are ethically and where possible, locally sourced, and plastic free.​

Specialising in home fragrance,Freckleface has shops in Leeds, Cambridge and locally in Stamford as well as over 300 stockist nation-wide.