I am a busy mum of 3, a wife, a boss to a team of staff, a partner in business, a photographer, a model, a writer, an influencer, an entrepreneur and an owner of a cat called Archie! To go with all that busy stuff I am also a hair loss sufferer having had alopecia for the last few years and losing my once long blonde locks, I have Endometriosis and suffered since age 16 and a number of other auto immune deficiencies causing me daily pains!

So whats all that got to do with planners I hear you say, well to make sure I could squeeze all that in above as well as being constantly ill, I needed to create a planner that helped me stay on track, keep me in the lines, keep my head above the water.... basically get through each day successfully and efficiently!

I have read so many business books, ones that help me eat the frog (yep Eat the Frog.. google it) guide me, influence people,  manage people, prioritise, customise and to get that rise! I've read them all and from them I have developed a planner that takes the best bits of those guides and put them into one daily tear sheet to help you function through multi tasking... just as us ladies know best!


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