If you think of sitting by a crackling fire with a hot chocolate in hand, the smell of the wood, mixed with a soothing sweet vanilla and fresh white birch, then you will have an idea how this smells.


Warm your soul and clean your hands with our essential oil moisturising and cleaning spray. A cosy scent for a healthy mind.



70% Alcohol

Almond Oil

Essential oils:


White Birch






Hey Fire, Hand Sanitiser Spray

  • This product contains the following approved products:

    Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol by Harley Street Care. Batch ref: HAR-170-500

    Sweet almond oil by OilsforLife - Origin EU. BBE ref: 32022

    Essential Oils: Organic Cinnamon Oil / Organic Vanilla / Organic Nutmeg

    All products above are approved in their own single use.