• The Boss Bird, A3 desk planner is designed to organise your life in full, from work, home life and wellbeing!




    Top Goals 

    Holidays I want and I have booked

    Calorie counter per day and meal

    Fitness goals

    To Try Or Look Up

    Water Tracker

    Breakfast tracker

    Social media post tracker

    Relaxation tracker

    Breathe Tracker

    Lemon Water Tracker

    Appointments for the week

    To do list - Work

    To do list - At home

    Last Weeks contemplation - What was your highs and lows - what went well?

    Brain Storming

    Meal Planner

    Shopping list

    Notes - Ideas and Scribbles

    Last weeks reflection - Monitor your wellbeing to work on it

    Learning and Study

    A3 Weekly Desk Planner Pad